The Exit Portal @ Zerospace

In 2019 we created a piece for Zerospace NYC, an immersive theatre experience in Hotel Pensylvania across from Madison Square Garden.

When you enter Zerospace you pass through a portal into an alternate dimension inhabited by masked alien lifeforms. The exit portal was created to offer those exploring Zerospace passage back to our current dimension. It was designed to reference the shape of the mouth on the alien masks.
The piece features three layers of runes representing the Past, Present, and Future. When a participant steps forward, their presence triggers a selection sequence of lights and sound. The selected runes are a constellation; directing the user through to a new dimension on the other side of the door.
In the center of the door sits a mirrored bismuth crystal, an eternal symbol for change. Perhaps the portal can harness the resonant energies of this crystal to give people passage to an alternate universe, where they can become a different version of themselves.

Occurrent Arts - Production / Direction / Design
Alyona Skripka - Fabrication Lead
Colin Tom - Art Handling / Assembly
Jae Fernandez - Carpentry Lead
Deivi Peralta - Carpentry Assistant
Laser Art NYC - Lasercutting