The Rockford Collection – Assembly

In 2020 we worked with our friends at Rockford Collection to create a video which invites viewers to witness the beautiful simplicity behind the assembly of their flagship ring. The client wanted to create a piece of content which showcased their product in a magical way, but also presented the materials in the most realistic and impactful manner achievable.

We started by drawing a storyboard which artfully introduces the different elements of their product as they come together.
We then brought the storyboard to life by recreating the geometry procedurally in 3D and animating the elements as they fly into their respective positions:
To capture the essence of the ring, we digitally recreated the materials of the product; the Gold Ropes, the White Gold side pieces, the many bolts, and most importantly the diamonds.
We composed a unique sound design for the video to match references provided by Rockford. In it we got to create some fun diamond shimmer elements to make the diamonds sound expensive.

The video was the most impressionable ad for Rockford Collection during it's campaign. We enjoyed exploring the world of jewelry visualization and hope to render more diamonds and gold in the future.