The Frost Museum of Science MeLab


In 2017 Occurrent Arts worked with Potion Design on several pieces for The Frost Museum of Science‘s “MeLab”; a room full of interactive games which allows kids to “explore the amazing ways the body and mind work together, and how daily choices can make it all work better.”

In addition to the composition and production of sound designs and background music for 5 of the interactive games in the space, we helped build a custom iOS computer vision stampcard scanner which kids use to keep track of their progress exploring the room.

In the true spirit of Miami, visitors dance their way to a better understanding of the benefits of exercise atop a 400 square foot interactive dance floor, which tells visitors just how many calories they burned up from their boogie down. The following segment shows some of the audio we made for the stagescreen when the cumulative distance was equal to that of Havana, Cuba:

You can find more information about the MeLab via Frost or Potion.