AR/VR apps, experiences for the web, and media for social.
social media.

We make engaging and sharable content for advertising and social. Looping videos can become moments for your audience to get lost in. Let's make moments together.
product videos.

In a world where booking photoshoots has become a production challenge, we can still use 3D rendering to showcase products in a realistic way.

Client: Rockford Collection
Role: 3D Video Production, Original Music
augmented reality.

With AR we can add layers on top of the real world. Let's bring packaging to life, or engage an audience in a game on their coffee table. Projects can become Android/iOS apps, live on a website, or be released as filters on Instagram / Facebook.

Client: Wildlife / GSD&M / US Air Force
Role: Technical Direction, Unity Development, Visual Effects
virtual reality

We create passive and interactive content for VR headsets like the Oculus Quest, as well as 360 video for YouTube and VEER. Let's immerse an audience in a story or a game.

Clients: Piranha / Clusterfest / Comedy Central / Viacom
Role: Unity Development, Effects Design, Sound & Music
embedded 3D.

We design interactive experiences which can be embedded into websites, to showcase products or present elements of a story.
live experiential.

Over the past 10 years we've had the opportunity to create experiential works for museums, festivals, sporting events, and brand activations. Check out our portfolio to see more examples of how we apply our flavor of digital design to the physical world.

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