The Superorganism

Since 2011 we’ve been experimenting with an interactive theatre experience called the Superorganism. Early designs for the Superorganism drew heavily on ritual as a reference for how people might engage in an interactive performance. Ritual utilizes repetition and simplistic rules to engage rooms full of people without requiring them to pre-learn choreography. In the context to an event, these techniques help transform an observer into a participant.

We conducted these experiences at several events and art festivals. The video above comes from some the marketing material leading up to one of the stylized performances at Factory Studios in Brooklyn. The video below demonstrates an example of one of these experiences in practice performed with a crowd of random people at Roulette for the AOMC etle Universe launch event.

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John Luckovich, Sydney Batten, Claire Miller, Genevieve Costello.

Editing / Sound Design:
Brian McGaw / /

Samuel Baumel / /
Enki Andrews / /

Special thanks to:
Genevieve Costello, Dan Scofield, Andy Sahlstrom, Rosey Vaughan, Ilaria Chiantore, Ashley Schindler.

Production / Direction:
Occurrent Arts / /
Samuel Baumel / /