The Superorganism

Since 2011 we’ve been experimenting with an interactive theatre experience called the Superorganism. Early designs for the Superorganism drew heavily on ritual as a reference for how people might engage in an interactive performance. Ritual utilizes repetition and simplistic rules to engage rooms full of people without requiring them to pre-learn choreography. In the context of an event, these techniques can help transform an observer into a participant.

This video is documentation for one of these experiences performed with a crowd of random people at Roulette for the AOMC etle Universe launch event. In it audience members were given one rule:


We conducted these experiences at several events and art festivals. The video below comes from one of these series of happenings at Factory Studios in Brooklyn:

Creative Development / Performers:
John Luckovich, Sydney Batten, Claire Miller, Genevieve Costello.

Editing / Sound Design:
Brian McGaw / /

Samuel Baumel / /
Enki Andrews / /

Special thanks to:
Genevieve Costello, Dan Scofield, Andy Sahlstrom, Rosey Vaughan, Ilaria Chiantore, Ashley Schindler.

Production / Direction:
Occurrent Arts / /
Samuel Baumel / /