contact: brian(at)

Occurrent Arts began as the freelance arm of Brian McGaw.  It reaches into the fields of interactive media design and development for corporate clients as well as the production and direction of noncommercial experiences.

To see more by Brian McGaw, check out his musical work as 'aman amun' :

"I believe that anything that can be seen can be aesthetic, and anything that can be sequenced can be musical. The human spirit yearns to experience a stronger sense of integration to the world around it, and through conceptual engagement and visceral design, we as artists and designers can offer tastes of that.

A commitment to ensuring that my work considers this desire sets me apart from the next technologist. I've been coding, animating, composing, and performing for 10 years straight and my hands don't feel like they're close to giving out any time soon.  Feel free to contact me if you have a project which needs one."